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Dougie the Vampire Slayer. I really hope awesome people write this, because I may not be able to resist otherwise. So full of squee for the latest episode, although Jo being sad makes me sadface a little.

Date: 2010-07-19 05:50 am (UTC)
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I love Eureka, too, and Fargo makes me grin. :D Jo being sad is really tough, though, and I'm also ... I don't know how to express it. I'm kind of bugged by the Kevin storyline. Because yes, the parent of an autistic child would be in raptures about finding him cured, but now Allison has a son that she has no memory of raising. And that would be so problematic.

Date: 2010-07-19 04:01 pm (UTC)
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Fargo is my favorite, I must admit. Love him to pieces.

I dunno what to think about Jo/Zane. Because I mostly think they're awesome (though I wish a little Jo hadn't swooned immediately into girlylove, but she didn't lose all her awesome, so that's okay) and I like Zane a lot so I'm hoping his character gets a lot of development, but I'm not sure if I'm hoping they get back together since... they've already gone there, and the second time would not be the same. So, conflicted about that.

I have had a lot of Kevin issues throughout all the seasons. I'm not sure I agree with removing the autism because I've liked that in terms of who Kevin is and who Allison is - that there are complications in life, not everyone is Joe Normal, blahblahblah... so I'm not sure why they're motivated to change that, if it's the actor or what? But I'd rather have normal Kevin than had him "go back" yet again.

Honestly, I think there's going to be a lot of great-to-watch complications precisely because of Allison not knowing him at all. I find it intriguing that he's the only one who's noticed that something happened - and enough that he brought it to the sheriff's attention - and suspect he'll be the one to discover what happened. And I think Allison is going to discover that kids have problems even when they're "normal" - we're already seeing hints of that in how he's always heading out to see friends and doesn't want mommy around all the time, all the physical affection and closeness she's used to with her Kevin. Right now she's on a high of what she's gained, but she has essentially lost her son, even if she doesn't realize it... I hope we get to see some grief when she suddenly understands that.

Date: 2010-07-19 04:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] allyndra.livejournal.com
Eureka entertains me greatly, but it has an uneven track record with dealing with people's personal issues. Sometimes they're really good about it, allowing emotional depth and growth, and sometimes they just handwave everything. I think I'll be good with the Kevin storyline if they actually deal with it, and don't just let it slide into merely being Allison's reason for not wanting to correct the timeline.

I like Jo/Zane more than I had expected to when he first showed up, but I wonder if they're planning to take this season in a Jo/Fargo direction. There have been hints of it before, and they've conveniently gotten rid of Fargo's mad scientist girlfriend as well as erasing Jo/Zane.

Fargo is my favorite, too. And Neil Grayston who plays him seems similarly dorky and awesome. :D

Dougie the Vampire Slayer

Date: 2010-08-26 10:28 pm (UTC)
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Warning: This is very random


The crypt wall was hard and dirty, and it made an ominous cracking noise when Doug's shoulder slammed into it for the third time. He slid to the ground and stood up, wincing and swinging his arm in a tentative circle.

"You know who has cool powers?" he said. "Kitty Pryde. I mean, sure strength and endurance are awesome, but I could really go for phasing through walls." The vampire stalking toward him gave an unimpressed glare, and Doug sighed and raised his stake into a defensive position. "Okay, fine. You guys are lame conversationalists, you know?"

"Talking to your food is rude," the vampire said primly. With her neat sweater set and pearls, she looked like Martha Stewart, if Martha Stewart were a bloodsucking fiend. So, exactly like Martha Stewart.

"I'm sure Miss Manners will forgive you." Doug caught a hint of movement out of the corner of his eye and grinned. "I'm not food, anyway."

"What are you, then?" she asked sneeringly. "The big, bad Slayer, here to save the day?"

"Well, yeah," Doug said. "But also? I'm the distraction." And that's when Jo shot her right through the heart with a crossbow bolt. It was awesome.

"That was awesome!" Doug bounced on his toes as Jo wound her way between coffins (sarcophagi? Doug should ask Henry what the right term was for the boxes o' dead people that were laid out inside the crypt. It was probably a good idea to get the lingo down, since he was destined to spend all his nights in graveyards.)

"I told you I had great aim," Jo said. Smug was a good look for her; it made her eyes sparkle.

"Hey, good aim with a baseball doesn't necessarily translate to good aim with projectile weapons."

Jo arched an eyebrow. "Whatever. Let's just find Carter and get out of here."

"Right, yes." Doug nodded and twirled his stake. "Henry said there was a level of catacombs right below us. I'm guessing that's where they're keeping him."

"If they're keeping him," Jo said under her breath. Her hands were tight on the crossbow, and there was no longer anything sparkly about her.

"Don't think like that," Doug insisted. "He's okay, and we're going to save the day. Because we're awesome." A big part of Henry's Watcher-ly advice had to do with staying positive. A pessimistic Slayer was a dead Slayer, and Doug wasn't ready to be dead.

"Right," Jo said. Her eyes were shadowed and unconvinced, but she nodded. "Down we go, then."

Down they went.

The catacombs were, if possible, even creepier than the crypt had been. Someone needed to talk to the creatures of the night about their decorating habits, because they were way overselling the 'evil' thing. Doug and Jo kept close to the wall as they crept along the passage. It was dotted with alcoves containing bodies, and they had to stop and check each one. Twice, they heard vampires coming and pressed themselves into the nooks along with the bones, hiding just long enough to jump the vamps from behind. Since they were being all covert, Doug didn't try out any of his carefully prepared wit, just staked them quick and clean.

After several minutes, a side passage widened into a stone chamber, roughly square. There were no vampires in it, but tied up and slung in a corner was Jack Carter. Jo stilled for a moment when she caught sight of him, clearly expecting the worst, but then Carter groaned and she almost sagged in relief.

"Go untie him," Doug said quietly. "I'll guard here."

Jo cocked her head. "You sure?"

"You're better with knots than me." As Doug could attest, after the time in junior high when she'd tied him to the flagpole every day for a week. Which was clearly overkill; it's not like he'd meant to ruin her ballet recital.

More importantly, though, she and Carter were friends. They had that whole jock/cool kids bond going on, and if Carter was freaked out about being kidnapped by vampires and tied up for use as a ritual sacrifice, he'd probably be more reassured to see Jo than he would be to see Doug. Or as he was known at school, The Dork Who Blew Up the Computer Lab.

"Jo?" Carter's voice was a little unsteady, but he sounded okay. "What are you doing here?"

"We're getting you out of here," Jo said, kneeling down to untie his ankles.

Re: Dougie the Vampire Slayer

Date: 2010-08-26 10:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] allyndra.livejournal.com
"Oh, thank God! I thought I was gonna be lunch. Did you know there were vampires?" Then he paused. "Wait, who's 'we?'" He struggled to sit up, hindered by his bound hands, and wound curled onto his side, propped on one elbow.

"It's just me and Fargo," Jo said, and Doug raised his non-stake-holding hand in a wave.

“Since when do you hang out with Fargo?” He gave Doug an apologetic shrug. “No offense.”

“Since he stopped trying to put video feeds in the girls’ locker room and I found out he was the Vampire Slayer,” Jo said matter-of-factly, moving to untie Carter’s hands. Carter gaped at her, and she said, “You didn’t think I’d actually joined the Physics Club, did you?”

“Vampire Slayer?” Carter asked weakly.

“That’s me,” Doug said. And seriously, that was never going to get old. He was the Vampire Slayer.

“So in Physics Club … you learn how to kill vampires? Does your faculty advisor know that?”

Doug beamed. “Henry knows a ton about vampires. And also about physics, which is nice, because Slaying can really cut into your study time.”

“We needed an excuse to hang out in Mr. Deacon’s classroom after school,” Jo explained, helping Carter to his feet. “So we thought, ‘What activity is so boring that no one else will sign up for it?’ It’s the perfect cover.” She gave him a rough pat to the shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” He looked okay. There was dirt on his face and cobwebs in his hair, and where his sleeves rode up his arms, Doug could see the red marks the rope had left on his wrists, but otherwise, he looked unharmed. “Yeah, I’m good. I’ll be better once we’re out of here.”

“Right,” Doug said decisively. “Let’s move out.”

Jo shot him an amused look. “Right behind you, Rambo.”

Doug pulled a spare stake out of one of the pockets in his cargo shorts and handed it to Carter. “Right in the heart,” he said, illustrating against his own body.

Carter took the stake and mimicked him, his forehead lined in concentration. “Got it.”

They made their way out of the catacombs in single file. Doug took point and Jo brought up the rear. It worked well; when they ran into a group of five vampires heading toward the chamber where Carter had been held, Doug was right at the front and able to take three down before they realized what was going on. Jo got one with a crossbow bolt, which only left one.

Doug’s third opponent was still crumbling to dust when he spun away from it to face the lone surviving vamp. He had his stake raised and ready to go, but Carter was already there. He didn’t have the strength to take on a vamp alone in a real fight, but Jo helped him get the vampire hemmed in against the wall. As Doug watched, Carter took a deep breath, adjusted his grip on his stake, and plunged it straight into the vamp’s chest.

“Wow. That is so freaky.”Carter stared at the wall where the vampire had been.

“Freaky but awesome,” Doug corrected.

“Maybe a little awesome,” Carter agreed. “I’m not into the hostage thing, but I could get behind the vampire-killing parts.”

“You know,” Jo said as they climbed up the ladder to the crypt, “Carter has a pretty good batting average. I bet he’d be handy with one of Mr. Deacon’s longswords.”

“I keep telling you, skill in baseball-“

“Doesn’t necessarily translate to fighting monsters. Well, neither does skill at World of Warcraft, and that didn’t stop you from bringing up your whatever-level Paladin five times when we were fighting that slime demon last week.”

There were no vampires waiting for them in the crypt, and no monsters lurking in the cemetery so nothing stopped them from bickering all the way back to the high school.



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